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Welcome to Pathways


Pathways® is a diversified Healthcare Technologies Network that delivers personalized health solutions when and where they are needed anyplace in the world.

A principle network element, Pathways Cybernetics Systems, is a personalized mobile health platform that is accessible anytime and everywhere via any communication channel or device.

Healthcare is often too complex or impersonal.  Healtcare decisions require prompt effective solutions.

Pathways delivers essential health knowledge when it is needed and helps keep patients in touch with healthcare providers.

Without Pathways healthcare navigation is difficult.  With Pathways healthcare answers are accessible.

Our Pathways mission is Personal Health Solutions through Dynamic Inter-Personal Engagement.

Pathways Cybernetic Systems extends healthcare points of service into daily life, family, and work activities through:

  • Anytime-Anyplace Access via multi-channel, any device communications.
  • Direct Interactive Engagement with healthcare professionals.
  • Integrated Personal Health Records.
  • Automated Linguistic (Natural Language) Transactions.
  • On Demand Video e-Learning.
  • A World Class Virtual Telemedicine Clinc.
  • Community Based Personal Training.

Health problems can arise anytime or anyplace.  They might be caused by an accident or disaster.  Chronic conditions can be silent for years and appear with little warning.

Pathways is Healthcare Everywhere.

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